The Black Mans Progress in White America 

 For many years now, there have been misconceptions about the black mans progress and achievements in America. After 245 years of slavery and 506 years till African Americans were given the right to vote, the white population still fails to understand that the black mans progress is not based on statistics, or whether we have a ‘black president’, but it is based on the understanding that racism still exist, but is portrayed in many forms that can be covert. The white population, being the majority race in America, has the power to change the present as well as the future, but in order to accomplish this, the white majority need to understand a few, but important things: pop cultures portrayal of African American culture for laughs/money needs to stop, white ignorance on covert racism needs to be addressed and lack of funding in broken down communities, which leads to more young black men in jail.
In order for the American society to make sense of racism, they must first understand the problem, and see it from another perspective different from theirs. In 1961, a prediction by Attorney General Robert Kennedy said “Negroes are continuously making progress… there is prejudice now, and there is no reason that in the near and foreseeable future that a Negro could also be president of the United States”. Despite predicting the future, the white population today still feels they have accomplished their mission; to shut out black criticism. However, white leaders have proudly come out to say that “The president is black”, “principal is black, how can the school be racist”, “ the teacher is black, how can he not like you”. Personally, in my lifetime, I have come across a lot of these comments, and they continue to worry me because these quotes are unintelligent. The fact that a Caucasian man can somehow put his opinion in a situation that has no effect on him is baffling as well as ignorant. Seeing as 52 years ago, the black man was only given the right to vote. Since then, the white man has been the head of every political table possible. That being said, rules and regulations are designated in favor of the average white man, and not for the average African American. Furthermore, kinds of ‘economic nooses’ have been put on majority black neighborhoods such as: Memphis, Chicago, Baltimore and Cleveland. 6 billion dollars worth of illegal narcotics was brought into the Chicago area between 1990 and 2008. In 2010, the U.S department named Chicago area the number 1 area for heroin shipments. Despite knowing this, the U.S Congress has not had a huge impact on the war on drugs. Instead, today it focuses on how they will fund a wall on the border of Mexico. That being said, graduation rates in African American communities rise, but many are left without a profession. Seeing as that is the case, many young black men turn to the nearest source of income, which is narcotic selling.

For many years, long before slavery white Americans had been using pop culture as a delicate form of oppression for the black community. In the past, movie directors have be en able to transform modern day society into plays, and display the flaws of people. However, things have changed and different media outlets such as: CNN, Netflix, and TMZ are using minority cultures as a form of laughter in order to bring about entertainment, which would bring about more views and more income. In the movie Rush Hour, Christ Tucker is shown to use horrible as well as incomplete English. Judging from recent comments on the movie, viewers found it comical and applauded him. As disturbing as it sounds, a lot of African Americans are raised in such environments with low funded public schools and raised around parents, who probably did not attend school in their past.

White ignorance on racism, and playing the ‘fool’ card. This is my final point on what I want to expand on. This is not only mind cracking, but it is also a fact that we can never get past. For the past few years, protest have been made against police brutality on young black men, and many people of different races have united to oppose it. However, some people of the majority race have come out to denounce Police brutality. Instead, they say things like ” He incited the violence, so why should he not be cautioned?” The idea of this is horrifying because the past incidents have been innocent black men, who are mostly unarmed. The fact that one can be profiled simply because of his skin color is sickening and scary, especially in 2017.

Despite having some black members in congress, senate members are continuously blocking African Americans from the possibility to strive in a nation that was not created for them. Despite achieving human rights we are not treated like such, who have them.


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