Not Shocking: Americans Can Come out Against Trump, but not Against Kidnapping of Young Black Females. 

For a number of weeks now, young black females have been going missing in the United States, but major media outlets as well notorious politicians are refusing to confront the issue because it is not seen as ‘important’ enough. I find it fascinating as well as funny how white people are able to encourage black people to help fight for a cause when it will eventually have an impact on everyone including them ,but when it is time to address an issue that is affecting the black community in particular they are speechless.

So far, President Trump has been winning the medias heart for the past two years, and famous politicians are quick to call on ALL Americans to use their voice in peaceful protest against someone ‘so disgusting’ (Donald Trump), but they can not seem to offer a few words of encouragement, or reliability for the black community in such tense times. Frankly, young black females are obviously not as important as the few white girls that are kidnapped in America only because police departments continuously neglect missing black girls cases. A reason for this is simply because of the constant  demeaning notion that black girls are living a supposed life of ‘drugs and prostitution’, which makes them leave home, and as a result they are killed or abducted.

A few days ago, a middle aged WHITE man was seen on footage following a young black girl home from school until she was able to stop and pull her phone out to contact someone, which eventually put him off, and completely changed his direction. The fact that a middle aged man was shown on footage trailing the path of a teenage school girl is not addressed or taken into consideration by the police department in the area is concerning for me, and anyone who has a little sister or niece that has to walk back home from school. This topic should be concerning for you and me.


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