Despite lying, Senator Dino Melaye insists he attended a school that has no history of his Student records.


For many years, Nigerian women have had to deal with ‘animals’ otherwise known as Nigerian men in many instances regarding Politics, Economics and Infrastructure. Nigerian men have been at the top of every social chain, and have brilliantly used this as an advantage to silence, and oppress women in every way possible. In terms of politics, 7 out of 109 senators are females in the 8th National Assembly. In 2017, we have the lowest amount of females in a country’s Governing body. Are we moving forward or backwards? The Nigerian Government is supposedly working for us (Nigerian Citizens), but we are yet to see any evidence of progress being made on policy issues, infrastructure and healthcare. However, if we admonish them, they get angry. Instead of discussing key issues in the country, we chose to discuss whether a Senator attended a school that has absolutely no records of his attendance. Not only are we a nation of dishonesty, but we still fail to acknowledge our failures, and accept criticism from any angle.


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