You want change in Nigeria? – Tell your Friends dad To stop stealing Tax payers money. 

Yes i know, before you drag me, I understand that Social media is a key tool to getting more people informed on issues, but it really isn’t as effective enough. 

Recently, I heard about the news in Nigeria concerning the residents at Otodo Gbame. Honestly, I’am devastated, tired and angry all at the same time. The Nigerian government have acted out without applying common sense. Not only did they apply zero sense to the demolition on the land, but they misplaced hundreds of women and children in the area. Few of the women were pregnant, and were left without Heath care and protection. This is not the first time that the Government has acted out of stupidity, but almost the hundredth time. Governor Ambode has issued statements with little sympathy, but that doesn’t change anything. Women and children have been deprived of their rights , and they have had their homes demolished by a government that say they will protect them under any circumstances. When will the Government be held to a higher standard. The government intend on making it a better city, but they might want to change themselves first. 


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