My Interview With The Attorney General of Massachusetts.

Upon meeting with a group of journalist from Suffolk University, the Attorney General was quick to provide the group with an expanded thought of her opinion about a number of things including: the Trump administration, ‘Fake news’, Re-election for Attorney General, non-cooperation with illegal immigrants and finally her walking out on a picture with the President of the United States. Before the battling of questions came into effect, Attorney General Maura Healey briefly gave a background of her life before becoming the highest authority in Massachusetts. After graduating from high school in New Hampshire, Maura Healey attended Harvard College, where she majored in government and was the captain of the basketball team. Having played starting point guard for a professional team in Austria, Maura went back to Massachusetts to attend law school at Northeastern University. Currently, Maura is the first openly gay attorney in the United States, and lives in Charlestown with her partner.

Attorney General Maura Healey was quick to denounce the Trump administration for a few executive orders and policies he has confronted. When asked, “What is your take on the travel ban?” Her opinion was well thought out, and explained thoroughly. Trumps’ white house failed to do a lot of things that he set out to do in his agenda including a ban which was designed to block out immigrants from seven pre-dominantly Muslim nations including nations such as: Syria and Yemen. Attorney General Healey described it as a Muslim Ban, and furthermore saying that the executive order was “unconstitutional” and “horribly wrong”. “I saw people waiting to see if loved ones would come through the door, and a lot of young lawyers on the ground, who were ready to help. She went on to say that “A lot was at stake in the country, and times were already tense enough”. “This was a very scary time, I was on the phone with my team and the ACLU, and other groups from about 5.00pm to 11.00pm getting ready to file in court, and our office worked very hard”. When asked whether it would benefit the country or harm in the country in anyway, she stated, “It hurts our interest here, and our major business companies”. On the issue, she concluded by saying that “it was a really dumb thing to do”.

Not only was she completely infuriated with President Trump’s executive orders and policies, but she also was not completely thrilled with the idea to have a picture taken with the president. At a press conference in the white house, which included all Attorney Generals in the U.S, Trump reportedly asked for a photo op, which would eventually be put on his twitter with everyone smiling despite some disagreeing on certain policies. AG Healey respectfully declined to take part in Trumps picture, which she believed would send out the wrong message to her constituents in Massachusetts, and that “he did not intend on discussing issues with state and federal policy Issues” She stated, “I would not liked to be used in Trumps Propaganda”.

Upon the interview, Attorney General described President Trump as someone that has “no intellectual curiosity”, when asked about the Hernandez case, Attorney general Healey believes that the “suicide rates are high, and the state should be held accountable for the death of Hernandez”


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