The Current State of Nigeria is Embarrasing, and you know it. 

The current state of Nigeria is Embarrasing, and sadly, many Nigerians are afraid of publicly discussing it in foreign countries or In front of their family members who may be active in politics. Surprisingly, deep down, Nigerians that school overseas have some kind of dissapointment when being asked about their country because they know it will somewhat relate to the matter of corruption or their countries horrible financial situation aswell as their non sensical health care debate in Congress. The senate and house have not showed any motivation in getting positive bills passed in the house or the senate. We have had millions of dollars that’s being funded in congress, but they still show no progress to the respectful patient constituents in their residence. 

Sadly, we are scared to discuss what Nigeria is going through aswell as embarrassed. Not only do we hide from the negative facts, but we continue to neglect them and move in the wrong direction completely. We can’t afford to do this.

Hold Your government accountable. 


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